This is the place to find free download links of pre-1999 Kiss 100 FM (UK) radio DJ sets.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The original Kiss FM car sticker!

Courtesy of resident Kiss lover Steve J (cheers mate), here's how the original car sticker used to look that was rare to own (I think you could only get them from the Kiss shop, Kiss Towers, wherever that used to be lol) or win it in a competition. Anyway, if you see a car with this on the back it must be a real old banger by now as like everything good with Kiss FM it was re-designed in 1998 to an inferior offering! (me bitter? Nah!)

Monday, August 28, 2006

TECHNO SHOW - Colin Faver 10-7-1996

Here's a 47m33sec (65.3MB) show from Colin from back in the day from my tape archives. Enjoy!


Friday, August 25, 2006

Definitive list of the Kiss DJ's from the 90's

It could be one hell of a list but I'm gonna try and will need help for anyone and everyone that was a regular DJ on Kiss in the 90's. Hopefully the list will then jog the memories of those of you that have a Kiss mix and want to donate it to the site for others to listen to.

Anyway, here's the list so far:-

Alex P & Brandon Block - House
Big Ted - Smooth Grooves
Bob Jones - Rare Grooves
Bobbi & Steve - House
Bryan Gee - Jungle/Drum n Bass
Chris Forbes - Rare Grooves
Chris Philips - Rare Grooves
Coldcut - Trip Hop/Chillout
Colin Dale - Tech House
Colin Faver - Techno
Craig Charles
Danny Rampling - House
Dave Pearce - House
David Rodigan - Reggae
Deadly Smedley - Rare Grooves
Dean Savonne - House
DJ Vibe - Hardcore
Ez - Smooth Grooves/Garage
Fabio - Jungle/Drum n Bass
Fat Freddy M - Rare Grooves
Firin Squad - Smooth Grooves
Gilles Peterson
Gordon Mac - Rare Grooves
Graham Gold - House
Grooverider - Jungle/Drum n Bass
Heddi - Rare Grooves
Hixxy & Sharkey - Happy Hardcore
Jay Strongman - Rare Grooves
Jazzie B - Rare Grooves
JM - Smooth Grooves
John Askew - House
Judge Jules - House
Jumping Jack Frost - Jungle/Drum n Bass
Kenny Ken - Jungle/Drum n Bass
Lindsay Wesker - Rare Grooves
Manesseh – (Nick Raphael & Robin Cato) - Alternative
Mark Webster - Alternative/Chillout
Matt 'Jam' Lamont - Smooth Grooves/Garage
Matt White - Smooth Grooves
Nicky Blackmarket - Jungle/Drum n Bass
Nicky Holloway - House
Norman Jay - Eclectic
Dennis O'Brien - Rare Grooves
Patrick Forge - Alternative/Chillout
Paul 'Trouble' Anderson - House
Paul Thomas - Alternative/Chillout
Pete Wardman - House
Randall - Jungle/Drum n Bass
Ratpack - Hardcore/Old Skool
Ray Keith - Jungle/Drum n Bass
Rishi Rich
Rob Blake - Hardcore/Old Skool
Roy the Roach - House
Sammy Lyle - Rare Grooves
Sharp Boys - House
Shortee Blitz - Smooth Grooves
Simon Dale - House
Skully - Smooth Grooves
Slipmatt - Hardcore/Old Skool
Snypa - Hardcore/Old Skool
Squirrel - Hardcore/Old Skool
Steve Facey
Steve Jackson & Dizzy
Steve Smart - House
Swerve - Smooth Grooves
Tall Paul - House
Tee Harris - House
Tim Westwood - Hip Hop
Tony Monson - Rare Grooves
Tony de Vit (RIP) - Hard House
Trevor Nelson - RnB/Smooth Grooves

Any others, please add in the comments section.

HOUSE SHOW - Paul Trouble Anderson 14-11-1992

27mins 50sec (84.3MB) MP3 - Paul Trouble Anderson in the mix. Thanks to Steve J for the mix!


Kiss 100 Archive - All the best DJ sets up to 1998!

I've created this blog because I absolutely loved pre-Emap (1998) Kiss 100 FM. Kiss started off life as a pirate radio station in London, England and has been one of few pirate stations allowed to go legitimate. This happened in the early 90's and Kiss 100 was THE place to listen to at the time underground DJs playing the best dance tunes. It mixed the pirate style of anything goes tune-wise with a bit more professionalism. Around 1998 Emap took over Kiss and things went seriously downhill. Kiss was re-branded a 'youth radio station' and suddenly the sort of fodder you listened to on any commercial radio station was now being played on Kiss. Because I've been so disappointed by this change to our beloved Kiss I have started off this Blog with download links so that everyone can hear what Kiss used to serve up on a daily basis. Enjoy and don't forget to comment on the mixes, and if you have any pre-99 Kiss mixes, please do get in touch!