This is the place to find free download links of pre-1999 Kiss 100 FM (UK) radio DJ sets.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

HOUSE SHOW - Paul Trouble Anderson 1994

Here's a little cracker of a house show courtesy of cjcooper with PTA's show from some time in 1994. The vocals were a bit more in evidence here than in some of PTA's former shows but thats the style the music was shifting to so who am I to argue! Thanks again cjcooper for the mix.


32m47secs, 160kbps, 37.5MB

Saturday, November 04, 2006

CHILL OUT - Future Sound of London 1995 - 12 hour mix!

Wow, what a marathon we have here! 12 hours of everything including the kitchen sink from FSOL and the man that had the stamina to provide this mix was whome who burnt the midnight TDK's on this one we're sure.

Because there's 987MB of WINRAR'd files here (in 3 sections), this is a little bit different from the norm but well worth the effort. Each part is split into 8 or so mp3's so you'll need winrar to unpack it. It'll take me a while to upload these but bare with me. Cheers whome!

Part 1 - 327MB (winrar file) - DOWNLOAD part 1

Part 2 - 327MB (winrar file) - DOWNLOAD part 2

Part 3 - 333MB (winrar file) - DOWNLOAD part 3