This is the place to find free download links of pre-1999 Kiss 100 FM (UK) radio DJ sets.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

DnB SHOW - Johnny L - "Givin It Up" mix 1997

Courtesy of newbie donator Arch Stanton we've now got another in the series of Givin' It Up mixes for your perusal this time from Johnny L. Hope you enjoy!


192kbps, 129MB, 1hr33mins55secs

Saturday, February 10, 2007

HOUSE SHOW - Judge Jules Kiss 100 Show 1997

Now people love to slag off Julesy and most of the time I'd be inclined to agree with them but shows like this are where I first heard of the guy (he was one of the first DJ's to feature on Kiss when it relaunched as a non-pirate) and I give him his props for still being in the dance scene. This show is from my archives and is different from how he plays out as he is very pigeon-holed as a DJ, but here he serves up house, drum n bass, and even the first commercial speed garage tunes before they got big on other commercial stations. I really like this show but there is a bit of interference at times (no way to clean this up unless someone can suggest a way round it) so with that in mind, enjoy!


1hr34mins22secs, 192kbps, 129MB

Monday, February 05, 2007

HOUSE/DnB SHOW - Mickey Finn & MC GQ 16-3-1994

R-R-R-R-Roll the beats!

Back in the earlier days of Kiss there used to be a 3 hour show on Wednesday night/Thursday morning from 1am-4pm called "Givin it Up" where the turntables were turned over to a special guest DJ.

This show is well known to me as I taped it back in 1994 but only got 1.5 hours of it. But thanks to the kindness of another hardcore Kiss taper Siman91 we've now got pretty much the full show so cheers Siman for this one - I always wondered what the rest of the set sounded like and its a cracker!


256kbps, 2hrs49mins25secs, 310MB


Sunday, February 04, 2007

HOUSE SHOW - Bobbi & Steve 1998

Courtesy of cjcooper, here's 3 parts of some Bobbi & Steve shows from late 1998

Little Louie Vega Part 1 - DOWNLOAD
47mins 24sec, 54.2MB, 160kbps

Little Louie Vega Part 2 - DOWNLOAD
22mins 0 secs, 25 MB, 160kbps

And here's a nice little CJ Macintosh mix from the same year:- DOWNLOAD
36mins 51 secs, 42.1MB, 160kbps

And wow, courtesy of cjcooper the CJ Macintosh tracklisting as well for you trainspotters ;->
joey negro-cant get high without you-kupper mixes
jestofunk feat jocelyn brown-special love
pete heller-big love
soulsearcher-i cant get enough
ronnie martin-good to be loved-mood 2 swing mix
jimi polo-you better believe-terry hunter mix

Cheers cjcooper for this!